Maybe sixty years ago or so while listening to the Long John Nebel all night radio show I heard an (no doubt) old actor say “Nobody is acting anymore. All they do is talk.” I got the impression he was from the silent movie days.

My mother-in-law lived with us and to make her life a little bit easier Chinese television was subscribed too. Another dish on the roof for that.

We still have that and it is on a lot for Faye to brush up her language skills while watching it.

Of course we see a lot of cooking shows. But we also watch programs we call soap operas.

On one of these one of the characters was a mute. She could hear but she could only communicate by sign language. All of her emotions were seen on her face. Surprise, suspicion, delight, sorrow, joy, disappointment, attentiveness and so on. She was fantastic, everybody else spoke,she acted.

The credits were all in Chinese and we don’t know any of the names of any of the actors and I now no longer remember the name of the show which also written in English and Chinese. There were subtitles that allowed us to follow the story.

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