This morning I awoke from a vivid dream and told Faye about it. We had a place that seemed to be on a plateau in a kind of art deco environment on the edge of a large open cobbled area. As you walked around this area bordered on three sides by deco designed buildings you came to one side you could see a vast distance. Rolling vivid green hills with outcroppings of buildings in the distance and showing through areas of forest under a brilliant blue sky and a different color blue sea in the distance. It might have been an ocean or one of the Great Lakes. The city area was clean, there were areas where the sidewalk became stairs and as you walked down there were small shops in a tidy area reminding me of a Washington Heights that you could only have been seen in a dream. There were people doing their own thing in a leisurely manner. A mellow and pleasant place.

Like most of my dreams there didn’t seem to be any hidden message of either sex or turmoil. Then I woke up.

It was thought , many years ago, that the only people who dreamed in color were those who were on drugs or were crazy.

Time passed and then the ‘experts’ thought that dreaming in color was ‘normal’.

Then a little research was done it came to be believed that before the advent of the movies…..nobody dreamed in black and white!

The ‘experts’ in the ‘scientific’ and medical communities should be viewed with skepticism or a least caution. To the outsider it looks like a bunch of crackpots with degrees in psychology, psycho therapy, psychoanalysis etc giving each other authority and are just full of shit.

I admit that those areas may have helped some people but I must question the effectiveness of these things.

As an aside I don’t even like art deco, when awake. But I will admit that an art deco city might be a more relaxing place to live than in surrealist city. In the art deco world you could depend on what time it was.